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*NEW* Vibe Tube
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Vibe Tube

Vibe Tube

The Vibe Tube has been carefully developed over the last five seasons. Each season we tested and redesigned it, making it better. Is it like a bucktail? Yes. The #7 Mag Wide Willow gives off a heavy thump on the retrieve. But it also has a centrally weighed tube body; when you stop cranking, it has a slow fall rate so it can be jerked or pulsed like a tube to trigger fish.

Unlike most bucktails, the Vibe Tube can be cast beautifully into the wind. And changing the tube body is a breeze. You can also change the blade attachment and make endless color combinations on the fly.

Our design consists of 3 working parts:

1) Our carefully weighted Vibe blade attachment head

2) Our keel-weighted 7.5 jerkbait/nose rig (with optional dropper eyes for additional hooks)

3) A 7.5 tube which can also be easily changed when you want to switch body colors or when the tube gets sliced up from sharp teeth.

Eventually, we want to give everyone the option of building their own Vibe Tubes from scratch. But until our new website is built, we offer them in these standard colors:



Vibe Tube - Tube Body: BLACK / Blade: SILVER


Vibe Tube - Tube Body: BLACK / Blade: GOLD


Vibe Tube - Tube Body: BLACK / Blade: BLACK


Vibe Tube - Tube Body: WHITE / Blade: BLACK


Vibe Tube - Tube Body: WHITE / Blade: SILVER


Vibe Tube - Tube Body: WHITE / Blade: GOLD


Vibe Tube - Tube Body: SILVER / Blade: SILVER


Vibe Tube - Tube Body: BABY MUSKY (gold) / Blade: GOLD

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Vibe Tubes Now Available

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