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Swimming Tube Jig Heads with treble stinger

Swimming Tube Jig Heads with treble stinger

This tube swimming jig head (with treble stinger) is available in 2 different weights and 2 different lengths of trailer wire for the treble hook stingers - designed for use with either our 10" Monster Tube or 7.5" Ninja Tube (not really designed for use with our Twisted Tubes).

This jig head lends itself to the ability to swim the tube over shallow water cover such as rocks or weeds. It has been our experience that this set up works best in anywhere from 5 to 20 feet of water depending on size and retrieval speed.

The beauty of this rig is that you can use a variety of retrieves successfully with it : Short erratic pulls, slow long rod sweeps, or even fast pumping retrieves all seem to consistently trigger strikes with this rig. Of all the jig heads we offer, this one might be the most versatile of all.

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