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Shipping & Returns

Making A Purchase

Making a purchase could not be easier. Just browse our Catalog, and click on any items that you wish to buy and put them into the shopping cart. After you have finished your selection, click on "View Shopping Cart" and choose "Checkout Now " then you will be asked for a few details that we need to be able to satisfy the order. 

We accept credit card payment. If you are shopping from North America or anywhere else, place your order and your credit card company will convert the transaction to US Dollars or your own currency. 

We accept Visa and Mastercard. We do not charge for any item until it is ready to ship. Backordered items are not charged until they are shipped. 

Shipping Methods

All items are shipped via United States Postal Service. Please conatacg us if you require expedited shipping. US orders are usually received in 2 to 7 business days from date of order. Canadian orders are usually received in 6-12 business days from date of order. International orders please contact us for shipping schedule. 

Shipping Cost for US Orders:

$0-$25 : $5.95
$25-$50 : $7.95
$50-100 : $10.95
$100-150 : $15.95
over $150: Free 

Shipping Costs for Canadian Orders: 

$0-$50 : $11.95
$50-$100 : $15.95
$100-150 : $18.95
$150-200 : $21.95
over $200: Free 


International Orders:
Will be subject to
additional shipping charges. 

Out of Stock 

Most of our products are in stock at all times. Should an item be temporarily out of stock, the "Add to cart" option will not be available. Check back soon as we do our best to keep. 

Tax Charges 

Taxes will only be charged for items delivered to the State of New York and no taxes will be added for shipping. 

Our Guarantee & Returns 

All of our products carry our 100% guarantee, if you have any problems with any of our products feel free to contact us at anytime or call us at 1-716-997-8970

Red October Baits
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Privacy Policy 

Red October Baits will not disclose buyers' information to third parties. Cookies are used on this shopping site to keep track of the contents of your shopping cart once you have selected an item, to store delivery addresses if the address book is used and to store your details only if you select that option.


Credit Card Security 

All credit card numbers are encrypted when the order is placed, your Credit Card purchase is 100% secure and encrypted with the highest level of security available!!! We use PayPal credit card for all our credit card processing.