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10" Twisted Tube

10" Twisted Tube


10" long from nose to tip. Its hollow body really allows for versatility as you can change weights inside of it just like any other tube (it all depends on the depth and style of your fishing each time you use it). 

The Twisted tube has proven its effectiveness by jigging, casting and trolling it (As seen on Mark Zona's World's Greatest Fishing Show). 

Available in a wide variety of colors, including many two tone colors

SOLD AS AN INDIVIDUAL TUBE - Jig heads sold separately - All replacement jig heads sizes available on our Custom Jig Head page. Reccommend 1.5oz standard Twisted Tube Jig Head for casting weed edges, and 2oz-3oz for depths of 10-25 feet.

Color Chart

Below you will find all the great colors that we currently offer. NOTE: The product colors that are available on this page change often! Please check back as new and custom colors are made weekly!

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